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Welcome to Nspyre Red please carefully read these tips to help you book in... • Choose correct salon if you have a preferred stylist or location. • When booking a colour please search in PACKAGES (This ensures timing for processing and finish services) • Not all colours are available in our online if you can't find the service you need call us and we can help you book in. For salon location info and Stylist names please see below... Nspyre Red Boutique - 13 New Regent St Director/Master Stylist - Ronda Shaskey (Friday & Saturday only) Master Stylist - Tegan Foley Master Stylist - Rachel Hagenaar (Lates Tues,Wed&Thu 4-8.30pm) Emerging Stylist - Raelene Walker Emerging Stylist - Ruby Aitkin Emerging Stylist - Jess Mclean (Fridays only) Emerging Stylist - Cayla Litherland PHONE - 033668586 Nspyre Red Studio - 830 Colombo St Director - Ronda Shaskey (Thursday only) Master Stylist - Rachel Hagenaar (9-12pm Saturdays) Lead Stylist - Grace McCaffrey Lead Stylist - Grace Rollo Emerging Stylist - Lily Brandon Emerging Stylist - Jess Mclean New Emerging Stylist - Melody Dane Emerging Stylist - Cayla Litherland (Thursday only) PHONE - 034202499 We are following all restrictions set out for our industry unders the Covid19 Goverment traffic light restrictions. Please wear a mask and have your vaccine pass ready to scan. Call us to cancel/postpone your booking if you are unwell and have cold/flu symptoms. We appreciate your cooperation in these times.