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***PLEASE READ CAREFULLY TO BOOK CORRECT SALON*** ***WE RECOMMEND YOU USE PACKAGES WHEN BOOKING COLOURS*** ***PLEASE CALL THE SALONS IF THE SERVICE YOU ARE WANTING TO BOOK IS NOT AN OPTION*** THERE ARE TWO CENTRAL CITY SALONS SEE BELOW LOCATION AND STYLIST... Nspyre Red Boutique - 13 New Regent St Creative Director - Ronda Shaskey (Not available online for bookings) Master Stylist - Tegan Foley Lead Stylist - Amber King Emerging Stylist - Jess Mclean, Sadie Warner & Raelene Walker PHONE - 033668586 Nspyre Red Studio - 830 Colombo St Master Stylist - Rachel Hagenaar, Lead Stylist - Grace McCaffrey Lead Stylist - Grace Rollo Emerging Stylist - Lily Brandon PHONE - 034202499 Nspyre Red is an Inclusive Sustainable Luxury Biolage and Matrix Salon together we set a high level of standards in customer experience, professional service and education. We set an atmosphere where service excellence meets artistic hairdressing.