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Bookings and Cancellation Policy All bookings of value $150 or more require a 50% deposit to be confirmed. 24 hours’ notice is required for all booking time changes or cancellations.  Cancellations or time changes within the 24 hour notice period will incur a 50% charge with no shows at 100% charge.  If you have any problems please give us a call. Read below if you have booked for any of these treatments - Pedicure, Manicure, Brazilian, Spray Tan, IPL or Henna Brow Mint Beauty Therapy and Day Spa - 923 Alexandra Street (opposite the college). Mint Beauty Therapy and Advanced Aesthetics - 367 Alexandra Street FOR PEDICURES AND MANICURES: - If you have Gel nails already on we will need you to book a Gel Nail removal as part of your booking - For pedicures (normal polish) please bring jandals so that you are able to leave immediately after your appointment FIRST TIME BRAZILIAN OR LONGER THAN 10 WEEKS SINCE LAST APPOINTMENT: - Please trim before you come (this is important) to around 1cm. Thank you! FOR HENNA BROW TREATMENTS PLEASE READ: - If this is your first time having henna brow with us please book an 'Henna brow test patch' 24 hours before your treatment FOR IPL TREATMENTS PLEASE READ: - If this is your first time having IPL with us please book an 'IPL Consult', this allows the correct time to complete consult forms. - A test patch will be compulsory 24-72 hours before your first treatment. FOR SPRAY TANS PLEASE READ: - Please remove deodorant and ant body moisturisers before your appointment. - Waxing or shaving to be done 24 hours proior to your appointment. - Exfoliate the days leading up to your appointment/mainly the day before. - Please bring loose fitting clothing to put on afterwards. This ensures jeans/tight tops/bras etc don't rub onto the fresh tan and create marks!