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Please note that only select services can be booked online. Please call the salon if you would like to book an appointment for a service that. Our team is friendly, professional, and passionate about hair. At Harpo salons, we aim to create a luxurious experience for all clients by offering bespoke treats, refreshments, and an up-to-date selection of magazines catered to all tastes. Our priority is to ensure that clients leave feeling relaxed and satisfied with their experience, tailored to their specific needs. Hampton St Salon - Posey / Wednesday & Thursday ( Tuesday @ Hampton St ) Amanda / Tuesday ( Wednesday - Saturday @ Were St) Sean / Tuesday - Saturday Ellie / Tuesday - Saturday Hannah / Thursday, Friday , Saturday (Tuesday @ Were St ) Were St Salon - Posey / Tuesday (Wednesday & Thursday @ Hampton St) Amanda / Wednesday - Saturday (Tuesday @ Hampton St) Victoria / Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday Maddie / Tuesday - Saturday Oliva / Tuesday - Saturday Mia / Tuesday - Saturday